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Our Story

The Smartgear Story:

Smartgear was designed by a team of engineers to provide trending technology for an affordable price. Technology companies specializing in new technology often enjoy a significant mark up on price because the consumer doesn't understand the product. The truth is despite the cool features some of these products have, it does not cost hundreds of dollars to produce. It takes intelligent coding and few robust materials. We cut that mark up to allow for the spread of personal health tracking. In the same way Henry Ford dropped the price on the model T to make it universally affordable. We believe in proactive healthcare. People go to the doctor because they are sick but spend your time preventing the sickness in the first place and you don't need the doctor.

The Smartgear Secret:

The Smart Watch is designed to be fully-functional, giving you instant access to your phone’s notifications, as well as health app updates and activity monitoring. All packed into a durable aluminum body and an HD retina display, the Smart Watch has become the gold standard for fitness watches.

Our Promise to You:

We know you’ll love Smart Watch because we do too! We take great pride in our product and our customer service team is dedicated to your satisfaction!


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